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Articulating Grapple System AGS072 Specifications  

 360 Degree Continuous Rotation with Full Articulation
 High Strength T-1 (A-514) Steel or Better
 Interchangeable Attachments
 TOWTEM Quick Lube System
 Clean - Durable Design
 Full Warranty

 Basic Units


 AGS072-01  - 1 Motor

 1Yard Compacted Based on Clamshell Configuration

 AGS072-02  - 2 Motor

 Other Attachment Options and Weights Vary




 Heavy Duty Grapple  

 23" Geared Turntable Bearing

 Dimensions and Weight

 4 Bolt Auburn Planetary Gearbox W/12 Cu. In. Motor

 Bucket Width            34.00"

 & Manifold Mounted Relief

 Bucket Opening         86.00" Between Teeth

 Standard Clamshell

 Attachment Weight    2800-3000 lbs.

 7 Tooth Configuration ESCO V23SYL



 Cylinders:        Bore    4.00"         

 Clamping Configuration

                        Rod    2.50"

 SB - Standard Clam Shell


 BB - Boulder Bucket

 Pins:                4140 TG&P 2.50" 

 BR - Brush Rake



 Induction Hardened Pins and Bushings at all Wear Points




 Bolts:     Grade 9 on Turntable Bearing


               Grade 8 on All Other points


The AGS072 TOWTEM Articulating Grapple system is designed for use on excavators with an opening weight of 42,000 - 50,000 lbs. In specific applications this attachment can be used on other machine sizes, but authorization must be obtained in writing from manufacturer. The manufacturer reserves the right to change prices, materials, and specifications without notice.

Sparrow Design Group, 18012 Bothell-Everett Hwy #4, Bothell, WA 98012

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